Grappling G's Karla vs Thea PT10

Grappling G's Karla vs Thea PT10
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  • Item #: T07PT10
Grappling Glamazons Part 10 Karla headscissors Thea, but she bridges out, miraculously escaping the steel thighs of Karla! Thea then attacks Karla with a side headlock, switching to a headscissor and gaining the submission! Karla takes Thea in a side headlock, but the muscular brunette slips out of the hold and goes behind Karla with a reverse bearhug and lift. After the two grapplers lock up again, Karla gets a leg trip takedown, followed by a headscissor submission. Thea shoots for a single leg takedown and executes a perfect cradle. The hold seems impossible to break, but Karla somehow powers out while Thea strains to maintain the hold! Karla reverses to a side headlock then a full mount into a grapevine! 5 minutes (wmv format)
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