Tigra vs Sally McNeil - Boxing

Tigra vs Sally McNeil - Boxing
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Perhaps the greatest female boxing match ever captured on DVD! Tigra, the unbeatable submission wrestler, takes on the ex-Marine bodybuilder and legendary brawler, Sally McNeil! Sally had something to prove after losing twice to Tigra on the wrestling mat. But Tigra was never one to back down from a challenge, so the two muscular female fighters agreed to don the gloves and go toe-to-toe in the boxing ring! Feel the unbelievable power as these women hold nothing back! You'll see jabs, hooks, uppercuts and power punches in 33 minutes of non-stop action! This DVD has it all! Including a controversial "non-count" when one of the combatants was unable to continue after receiving a crushing blow from her opponent, which should have ended in a TKO! Watch the action and decide for yourself! (33 Min) DVD-NTSC
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