Summer Tournament Raquel vs Mayra PT 4

Summer Tournament Raquel vs Mayra PT 4
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Summer Tournament - Raquel vs Mayra Part 4 Overtime Raquel and Mayra wrestled to a stalemate during the regulation period so they move to a 5 minute Overtime period. The female grapplers start the overtime by feeling each other out, both keenly aware of the other wrestlers strength, and neither wanting to make a mistake which could cost her the match. Mayra still trying to out muscle her smaller opponent, tries for a headlock takedown, but Raquel, showing a great use of leverage, counters Mayra's grip and puts the bodybuilder on her back. Raquel totally dominates Massive Mayra during the period, controlling her and working for a submission. Time runs out with no submissions scored and the match moves on to Double Overtime! 5 minutes ( wmv format)
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