Grappling G's PT 11

Grappling G's PT 11
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  • Item #: T07PT11
Grappling Glamazons Part 11 Karla has Thea in a grapvine/breast smother combination, causing the struggling Thea to tap out. Thea picks up Karla in a fireman's carry and walks around the mat carrying her 200 pound opponent as if she were nothing! Karla gets Thea in her deadly standing head scissor and then picks her up for a finishing pile driver. But Thea takes the opportunity to scissor Karla and forces her to release the pile driver. Karla takes down Thea into a body scissors, but although she fights hard, Thea can't escape the crushing pressure of Karla's thighs! Karla continues her onslaught with a rear body scissor/chokehold combination for the submission. It's all Karla as she takes down Thea with a side headlock throw into a standing head scissor once again! Length: 5 minutes(wmv format)
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