Grappling G's Karla vs Thea PT8

Grappling G's Karla vs Thea PT8
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  • Item #: T07PT8
Grappling Glamazons Part 8 Karla has Thea firmly in a standing headscissor and submits her. Seeing that Thea is still dazed from being squeezed, Karla immediately attacks with a side headlock, but Thea quickly recovers and slips behind Karla for a reverse bearhug! Thea takes down Karla into a side headlock, then applies her own standing head scissor to the stunned Karla! Karla is forced to submit to Thea's thighs. Thea really turns on the power as she reverses Karla's takedown into a side head scissor and once again forces the Amazonian beauty to submit! 5 minutes ( wmv format)
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