Grappling G's Karla vs Thea PT 7

Grappling G's Karla vs Thea PT 7
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  • Item #: T07PT7
Grappling Glamazons Part 7 Karla crushes Thea with a powerful bearhug for a submission! Thea comes right back and submits Karla with a reverse bearhug, then, before she can recover, puts Karla in a reverse body scissor, ending in a tap out. Karla catches her muscular opponent in a standing headscissor, then transitions to a side head scissor. Thea fights hard, wrestling against Karla's massive quads and calves, but finally succumbs to her overwhelming power! After the Glamazons lock up, Thea goes for a side headlock, while Karla counters with a side bearhug. Neither grappler can take the pressure so they release their holds. Karla again takes down Thea and tries for the standing headscissor once more. 5 minuts (wmv format)
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