Grappling G's Karla vs Thea 4

Grappling G's Karla vs Thea 4
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  • Item #: T07PT4
Grappling Glamazons Part 4 The two beautiful Glamazons wrestle back and forth until Thea is able to muscle Karla into a painful cradle hold. It looks like Karla is stuck, but she somehow breaks free of Thea's grasp! Thea responds with a side choke hold, but the already drained Karla is unable to escape and finally submits. Karla comes right back with a leg trip takedown and quickly slaps on a brutal headscissor! Thea fights to escape but Karla's legs are like bands of steel and she is forced to submit! The two lock up again and Thea gains a takedown followed by an arm scissor. 5 minutes ( wmv format)
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