Grappling G's Karla vs Thea 2

Grappling G's Karla vs Thea 2
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  • Item #: T07PT2
Grappling Glamazons Part 2 Muscular Karla puts Thea in a waist scissor/headlock combination hold. Thea struggles to break free from Karla's massive thighs. Unbelievably, Thea is able to pick up her 200 pound rival as Karla's crushing legs envelop her. Thea tries to counter Karla with a bearhug, but she finally succumbs to the blond grappler's crushing power! The two Glamazons lock up and Thea executes a quick takedown and grapevine, followed by a vise-like side headlock which makes Karla tap out. On their feet again, Karla goes for a standing side headlock. Again, Thea displays her power by picking Karla up and slamming her to the mat for the escape! Thea capitalizes on her advantage by putting Karla in the dreaded "Iron Maiden" hold, which quickly forces Karla into submission! 5 minutes ( wmv format)
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