Grappling Glamazons,Christine vs Yana

Grappling Glamazons,Christine vs Yana
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Christine vs Yana

The incredible catlike grappler Yana faces off against the former Penthouse Pet turned submission wrestler Christine in an intense, competitive submission match. Christine immediately establishes side control and Yana counters by catching her in a body scissor. Christine escapes and regains side control and attempts a full mount. From the top position, Christine works Yana's arm and gains a submission by a Kimura joint lock. Christine again gains top position, only to be scissored by Yana. Christine and Yana grapple hard as Christine attempts to pass Yana's guard. Christine escapes and the gorgeous grapplers get back to their feet. They lock up and Christine gets a takedown. She quickly goes for the Kimura again and forces Yana to tap out as she feels the pressure. Outstanding submission wrestling by two beautiful and skilled women! 5 min ( wmv format)
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