Grappling Glamazons, Helen vs Ziggy Part 1

Grappling Glamazons, Helen vs Ziggy Part 1
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Helen Von Mott vs Ziggy Part 1

A live Women's Submission Wrestling Tournament taped in the summer of 2002 in the San Francisco Bay Area, featuring some of the finest female submission wrestlers in the World! Seven intense matches including Helen Von Mott vs Ziggy, Christine Dupree vs River, and Kristie Etzold vs Gabrielle. Also featuring an exciting mixed match with Ziggy vs Leonard, and a classic submission match pitting the power of Afrika versus the technical skill of Helen Von Mott! Pure wrestling action from start to finish! The first match is Helen Von Mott vs Ziggy in one of the best female submission wrestling matches you'll ever see! The two grapplers lock up then scramble down to the mat where Ziggy tries a Guillotine choke on Helen. But she is able to slip the hold and gains a side mount on Ziggy who then tries to pull Helen into her guard. Both women end up reversing the other and trying to gain an advantage.
5 minutes ( wmv format )
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