Festelle Comes to America: The British Invasion

Festelle Comes to America: The British Invasion
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Festelle's leading ladies from England travel to the States to take on some of America's best! The first bout is an action packed tag team match pitting the British Champs Sheri and Susan against the Yankee team of Zory and Brooke. Next, the wildcat Tigra takes to the mat against Sheri in a no holds barred fight to the finish. Undefeated Tigra vowed to send the British invader back across the Atlantic in humiliating defeat, but she got more than she bargained for in 5'6" 130 pound Sheri. Both grapplers put on a tremendous display of strength and skill, their muscular bodies intertwined as they struggle for supremacy on the mat. Will the beautiful American finally fall to the upstart Brit? (1 HR) DVD-NTSC
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