Boy meets Girls Part 6

Boy meets Girls Part 6
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  • Item #: RP02PT6
Boy Meets Girls Part 6 Lena has Tom in a head and arm hold on the mat but quickly transitions to a reverse headscissor then a backmount! Lena is dominating Tom, switching from hold to hold at will! She goes for a body scissor, but Tom breaks out. He shoots for a double leg takedown, but Lena is an experienced freestyle wrestler and sprawls to get a headscissor takedown! Tom yells from the pain of Lena's muscular thighs and calves crushing him. She switches to a front headlock then manuevers Tom into a side headlock armbar scissor for a submission! An incredible display of wrestling skill! Tom comes back with a quick side headlock takedown and submission. But when the two grapplers lock up again, it's all Lena as she gets the takedown and submits Tom with a front headscissor! 5 minutes ( wmv format)
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