A Woman's Place is on the Mat Pt 1 Part 11

A Woman's Place is on the Mat Pt 1 Part 11
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Bodybuilder Thea Bennington takes down chauvinistic male wrestler Tony, and teaches him a lesson in humility he won't soon forget. Tony shows up at the gym for his weekly male awareness group. Imagine his surprise when he finds a woman in the gym, and she won't leave! One sexist remark leads to another until Tony is forced to defend his manhood in the wrestling ring against the bone crushing Thea! The "Women's Movement" takes on a whole new meaning as Thea "educates" her bullying foe with head and body scissors, neck wrenching headlocks, devastating grapevines, and unbelievable body lifts! At 5'10" 190 pounds, the beautiful and muscular Thea totally dominates her male opponent and shows why a Woman's Place is, indeed, on the Mat! 4 Min. (WMV Format.)

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